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James Acheampong

Hello My Name Is...

<Dr. James Acheampong>


<I originally come from Ghana, but have since taken citizenship in the US. I went to Teacher's College for 4 years (General Education) after High School in my country before traveling to the US. I started life in the US in New York City. My education continued while in New York and obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, and  a Master's Degree in Educational Administration, all at Pace University in New York. As I taught as a teacher in New York, I was also actively involved in Ministerial Work, progressing from a Prayer Secretary, and moving steadily through the ranks to assume a role as a Church Pastor. I relocated from New York to Massachusetts. I pursued my educational goals by obtaining State certifications in Mathematics and School Administration. I also pursued a five-year PhD course in General Education which I successfully completed in June, 2011. In Massachusetts, I taught High School Math combined with a School Principal position for 8 years. I also pastored 'House of Prayer Ministry' church alongside with my job duties in the school. I relocated again from Massachusetts to Arizona and currently teach Math at the 8th grade level at Montebello Junior High.